Workaholics Essay

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Why did I choose to write about workaholics? The main reason is that the general picture about these people is bad, but there are a lot of them around us and very often we admire them. They are doing exactly what they love – work – and they can never have enough of it. Although they spend most of their time working, surprisingly they are happy. They show so good results in what they do. But the consequences are great. Family life is disrupted, intellectual horizons narrow and the consequences to the workaholic's health are severe: fat, lack of exercise and stress. Why do people become workaholics? When a person becomes workaholic is there a way back? How should people around him act in order to keep both him and themselves
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That's the reason they work – because they're so lazy – It's this way: you work because you are not afraid to. You work

1) Robert D. Capalan "Effects of workload, role ambiguity and type A personality on depression, personality and heart rate" Journal of Applied Psychology, 60 (p.6) because you have to drive yourself to such a fury to begin. That part is just hell!!! It's so hard to get started that once you you're afraid of slipping back. You'd rather do anything than go through that agony again – so you keep going till you couldn't stop even if you wanted to…. Then people say you're glutton for work, but it isn't so. It's just laziness – just plain, damned plain laziness, that's all.


At work they show themselves in full element. They work much more and lot faster and better than the others. Therefore they quickly climb high the hierarchy tree in a company. The workaholic works so fast so he often does thinks twice or what more often happens does thinks that he doesn't have to. "They contribute a lot for organization at some cost to their own mental and physical health". Being a boss is inadequate job for workaholic. He has problem dealing with people. As a boss, a workaholic requires his workers to work as hard as he does. When they are not doing what they are expected their right to make some decisions is denied. They tend to be

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