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Should professional footballers be paid more than soldiers? Should professional footballers be paid more than soldiers? I don’t think so! Soldiers fight for your country and get paid a pittance and while these air head professional footballer just kick a football around and for this they get paid far much more than soldiers. John Smith was 18 years old when he joined the confederate army in 1996, he was a strong, sophisticated young man, and joining the army changed his life in many ways.

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It can, however be argued that footballers are worth more than soldiers because footballers are role models to millions of people all around the world. Also out of all the many thousand that are inspired and want to become footballers only a tiny fraction are talented enough to become a professional and footballers are entertaining for people to watch. Also footballers train very hard such as they wake up early, eat healthily and are dedicated to run and play football for 90 minutes.

However, I believe that soldiers are worth more than footballers because they save people’s lives every day they should be paid more! Also, soldiers represent your country at war, they fight for their own country they fight for the people who live in that country or who are suffering in another country. They are willing to die for our sake. Soldiers are so brave because they even go out to help other people’s lives: this is how much they care about others.

Who do you think are worth more soldiers or footballers? I personally think soldiers because they save people’s lives and they die for us even though they don’t know us personally and even we don’t know them too. They are brave because they represent our country and they help other countries that are suffering, but on the other hand footballers are talented, one in a million and they train very hard to entertain us. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so what do you
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