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Unit 2.2: Designing a Laboratory Key FeaturesGrade- P3: (Poster, Power point or Adobe fireworks)Title: Simple Laboratory Design and its Key Features | Self-assess | Checked (X or ✓) | Introduction: Describe what a science laboratory is and give some examples (school science laboratory, hospital laboratory etc) | | | Hints: Look around the laboratory, note down the equipment and facilities that make it (click to see different laboratory designs you can adapt)Now produce a sketch or plan a simple design for a laboratory you are familiar with (could be the school lab) identifying the key features that must be present to be able to call it a scientific workplace or laboratory. Key features to include in …show more content…
(This must have a heading)Find out and list what different pieces of equipment are required for your named type of specialist laboratory.State what these equipment in your specialist laboratory are used forCompare (similarities) and contrast (differences) the features, design, services, efficiency and effectiveness of this specialist laboratory with your non-specialist (simple lab) in P3 above. | | | Conclusion:Summarise your findings and justify why working in a specialist laboratory makes science work better, efficient and effective.Notes: * State clearly the kind services (blood and other biological tests in hospital lab) * Why the specialist laboratory design is scientific * How its features make it efficient and effective in delivering the services * State the features that you may advice should be included in your specialist laboratory to improve its services and efficiency. | | | D2- (Essay or Report) + Laboratory design as appendix or attachmentTitles: Analysis of a well-designed laboratory’s effectiveness and efficiencyHINT: This is a kind of professional report that could be shown to the management of your company to encourage them to give you the grant. | | | Introduction: State what a specialist laboratoryBriefly state why specialist laboratories must be well-designed with all important key features, to enable it deliver its services effectively and efficiently. | | | * Use examples of a scenario or case study of an industrial

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