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Cultural Awareness of North Korea

By SGT Anderson, Alvin, D.

ALC Class 718-12
SSG Rockhold

North Korean Cultural Awareness Outline
Understanding and respecting cultural differences is critical to our success in the world forum. We cannot hope to be a successful, diplomatic military without cultural awareness. 1. What Is Culture? a. The Definition of Culture b. Characteristics of a Culture 2. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea c. About North Korea d. The Korean War 3. Juche e. Kim Il-sung f. The Effects of Kim Il-sung and Juche 4. Diplomacy With North Korea g. The Threat North Korea Poses h. Hope For the Future
A diplomatic relationship with North
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They are all a part of American culture. There are thousands of different cultures and subcultures in world. Some of them share some customs and ideas but they are all still very different and distinct from one another. The culture of North Korea is unique.
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – North Korea’s formal name – is the northern section of the peninsula above the 38th parallel. It has a climate that is considered continental. It experiences long, brutally cold winters and short hot summers. Over 80% of its terrain is covered by mountain ranges and hills. Most of its population is concentrated in the rural, undeveloped plains of the west. It has a highly centralized communist government, although it could also be characterized as an autocracy or a theocracy given its leadership’s cult like following. There are three cities: Pyongyang is the capital and center of everything the country does; Kaesong, which is historically relevant; and Namp’o, which is an industrial center, are important enough to have independent judicial authorities. The rest of the country is divided into 9 provinces. It occupies about 46,500 square miles, slightly smaller than the state of Mississippi. (Briney. Ten Important Things to Know about the Country of North Korea)
Very little is actually known about North Korea. It is a very young as a country, having only been established in 1948 under the leadership of Kim Il-sung and the Soviet

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