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Stock brokerage firms have been an established feature in the financial industry for nearly one thousand years. Dealing in debt securities, brokers employs a variety of systems to aid investors with the purchase and sales of stocks and bonds in a variety of markets. The firms have changed over the years, growing to massive organizations that can affect the entire financial sector positively or negatively with their performance. Changing with the times, the early twenty-first century saw a rise of online trading that enabled the average investor to take part in the stock market for the first time.

History of stock brokering industry:

The Indian broking industry is one of the oldest trading industries that have been
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67bn. The private sector entry to the fund family raised the AUM to Rs. 470 billion in March 1993 and till April 2004; it reached the height of 1,540 billion. Putting the AUM of the Indian Mutual Funds Industry into comparison, the total of it is less than the deposits of SBI alone, constitutes less than 11% of the total deposits held by the Indian banking industry. The main reason of its poor growth is that the mutual fund industry in India is new in the country. Large sections of Indian investors are yet to think intellectually with regard to the concept. Hence, it is the prime responsibility of all mutual fund companies, to market the product. The mutual fund industry can be broadly put into four phases according to the development of the sector. Each phase is briefly described as under.

History of the Mutual Funds:
First Phase – 1964-87
Unit Trust of India (UTI) was established on 1963 by an Act of Parliament. It was set up by the Reserve Bank of India and functioned under the Regulatory and administrative control of the Reserve Bank of India. In 1978 UTI was de-linked from the RBI and the Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) took over the regulatory and administrative control in place of RBI. The first scheme launched by UTI was Unit Scheme 1964. At the end of 1988 UTI had Rs.6, 700 crores of assets under management.

Second Phase – 1987-1993 (Entry of Public Sector Funds)
Entry of

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