Work-Based Assignment: M3.01 - Solving Problems and Making Decisions

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WORK-BASED ASSIGNMENT: M3.01 - Solving problems and making decisions

Learner Name: Sadagat Farzullayeva

Background Caspian Technical Training Center is Oil and Gas technical training facility located in Sangachal, Azerbaijan. Established in 2004, managed and operated by TTE-Petrofac on behalf of BP and its Partners, center had been designed to meet technical training needs of the Caspian region and achieve BP nationalization targets in Azerbaijan.

Center mainly specializes on professional development of local & international workforces’ competencies & skills; is focused on delivery of training services in range of disciplines, including safety, production, operations and maintenance. All programs combine theoretical
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some questions have been structured poorly, they imply two-three questions in one; total number of marks for exam paper is wrong, tests are not challenging enough since many trainees get 95-100%.
As an example given below is a pie chart which shows visually the percentage proportions of Operator Basics1 test B questions (Appendix 5) measuring trainee’s capabilities and skills: 79% of total marks measures knowledge; 14% - comprehension and 7% -application.

Pie chart of proportion of current test items measuring various skills As a result, several trainees having good memorization skills managed to pass all written exams but failed to demonstrate their comprehension and application skills at Gateway interview at the final stage of the program. Consequently areas of students’ weaknesses/gaps weren’t identified on time; improvement plans weren’t established and followed through at the right time. The scope of the problem is that failure to improve the quality of test system is leading to failure of accurate measurement of technicians’ achievement in specific areas, their understanding, skills and abilities. If no action is taken, client’s requirements on assessment quality also will be compromised; trainers’ and learners’ time, efforts will be wasted what is not cost-effective, decreases productivity.

Analysis of the problem
My root cause analysis (please see below fig.1 illustrating my Cause and Effect diagram) conclusion is:

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