Woolworths Strategy Essays

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Executive summary

Woolworths’ mission statement and main strategy is ‘to deliver to customers the right shopping experience each and every time.’
Woolworths’ vision is to provide quality products and services to its customers all the time through price strategies, fresh food strategies and human resource strategies. Woolworth’s main strategies are to increase efficiency and be cost effective. To achieve this Woolworths has integrated and implemented several strategies which include every-day low price strategy and; Project Refresh strategy. The every-day low prices strategy addresses this, and attempts to offer customers everyday lower prices through price reductions on all products. Project Refresh is a strategy designed to drive
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Woolworths supports many charities.
Technological: Woolworth’s 24 hour delivery strategy needs to be backed up by a fully automated ordering system, which Woolworths have created. Woolworth’s employees use hand held ordering devise that are used everyday in store and allows ordering to be done instantly. This reduces stockholding and cost and “…further improves the quality of management decision making” (Treadgold,. 1996)
Environmental: Woolworths provides a wide range of initiatives that help to achieve a better and more sustainable environment. In store initiatives include environmentally safe bags.
Legal: All staff has the opportunity to be train properly. All staff is required to have correct food handling and safety knowledge.

Porters 5 forces.
Specific/industry environment – Porters 5 forces can be used to analyse specific environments such as industry analysis, customer analysis, competitor analysis, supplier analysis. Woolworths is striving for a competitive advantage over other major retailers. The intensity of rivalry in the retail supermarket industry is low as the retail supermarket industry is dominated by only a few large organisations.
The retail industry has a high level of concentration ratio which indicates that a high concentration of market share is held by Woolworths. The intensity of rivalry amongst the large players in

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