Woolworths Ltd Strategic Analysis Essay

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Part A: Woolworths Ltd Strategic Analysis---------------------------------------------------------------2

SWOT analysis for Woolworths Ltd------------------------------------------------------------------------3

Key Capability Analysis---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4

Major stakeholder analysis for Woolworths Ltd---------------------------------------------------------5

Assessment of Business Level Strategy---------------------------------------------------------------------6

PART B: Woolworths Ltd Strategic
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| * Online transitional platform launched in most businesses and improved with, for examples, Dan Murphy's online launched, "and Big W's "Daily Deal" promoted (Woolworths Annual Report 2011). * Wider range of branded products available online with featured online service provided for convenience, for example, Click & Collect" launched in Dick Smith (Woolworths Annual Report 2011). * Acquisition of Cellarmasters gaining proven marketing expertise and additional customer segment in the direct marketing channel (Woolworths Annual Report 2011). * Attractive deals promoted frequently through online and social network, for example, Big W's "Daily Deal" & "Big Catch" (Woolworths Annual Report 2011). * Wider product range of private label and exclusive brands with new products and line in speed to market, such as Woolworths Macro Wholefoods Market range, Woolworths Select and Home brand and Big W's exclusive label toy brand, new in-store optical offer and over 70 new liquid products (Woolworths Annual Report 2011). | *

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