Essay about Women 's Views On Feminism And Gender Equality

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On September 20, 2014 at the HeForShe campaign in the United Nations Headquarters in New York, Emma Watson, the United Nation Goodwill Ambassador, gave an inspirational speech about gender equality. Feminism, defined by Watson is, “the theory of the political, economic and social equality of sexes” (Watson). Before the twentieth century, men and women were treated differently due to their gender. Women were caretakers for their husband and children while men were the providers for the family. However, towards the end of the twentieth century, society’s views on feminism and gender equality began to transform immensely. Today, women in the United States succeed in their careers, are independent, and empower one another. At the same time, men are declining in the workforce, taking on the role of a stay at home father, and learning to embrace a culture of equality. In the contemporary society, men have great potentials; however, women are surpassing men with a promising future.
In the nineteenth century, people did not believe that gender equality was possible nor was it desirable. Traditionally, men and women were treated differently because of the stereotypical traits that each member of the sex were supposed to have. Men were the breadwinners and the ones who took care of the family’s finance. Women, however, governed the home; the females had to clean, cater to their children and husband, and prepare the meals. Additionally, the men and women were expected to have…

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