The Reign Of The Feminist Analysis

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The Reign of the Feminist
“True equality means holding everyone accountable in the same way, regardless of race, gender, faith, ethnicity - or political ideology.” (Monica Crowley). This is especially true for women are beginning to be a true power in this world, with women becoming CEO’S of companies, and running for major offices. People need to realize that times are changing in the twenty-first century for women and today feminism is required to be successful in job fields like politics where women are taking a stand and becoming more assertive, in the home where single mothers who work are still producing children who help society, and in the workplace, where women still need to make a stand to make the same pay and have gender equality.
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D’Agostino, who is married woman with kids. Ms. Schumpert, a single woman with no kids, and Mrs. Nguyen who is married but does not have kids. These women all come from different backgrounds and are of different age groups. They were specifically chosen because of these of these differences, to see how different women responded to some of the same questions about gender roles, and it was an interesting discovery. All had extremely similar viewpoints on Gender Roles and Women’s “place” in society. When asked, “What do you think of traditional female gender roles? Do you think the modern women should follow them?” Ms. Schumpert responded by saying that she understands why they are pertinent in today’s society, “but we should have a balance to where they can maintain both work and home life” (Schumpert). Mrs. Nguyen responded very similarly by saying that she is okay with people following traditional gender roles if fits their lifestyle, but “people should not be obligated to do it.” (Nguyen). Mrs. D’Aogstino had said that she didn’t truly have an opinion on traditional gender roles, but does feel that certain households don’t work with them. Our discussion then turned to issues in the workplace. “More and more women are entering the workplace each and every year; this includes both married and single women?” Mrs. Nguyen responded to that thought by saying that it is great and thinks that, “Women and men who choose to enter the workforce are equally great for pursing their economic, personal and professional dreams.” (Nguyen). Mrs. D’Agostino stated that women do have a place in the work place, and She “believes that 50 percent of women have a job.” (D’Agostino). They agree that women should not be encouraged to follow traditional gender

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