Essay about Women 's Rights And Equality

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In the world we live in today there are many things that go against women’s rights and equality’s, even for how fare advised out society is. The government is a great example for how many men there are in the government there is not even half for women but yet there are numerous bills and laws that are being passed about women’s bodies. Abortion another big issue when it comes to women’s rights, where is the line drawn, is a women not allowed to abort a fetus that she did not want or ask for? Where is the line drawn? Women and men are not equal in several areas even though it is slowly getting better. There are many gaps between men and women such as economical, examples including wage gap, buying things. Women and men in culture, it depends on where one is taking but in America most of the time women are not took as serious in higher professions such as being a doctor. The state is what Americans see as the government, the state is thought and referred to in a male meaning and as discussed earlier men have the upper hand in government. There is a significant difference between how men and women are treated and though the readings it expresses though many years of how it affects everyone in a positive and negative ways.
“Virtuous Valentine? Think Again” by Hannah Levintova has a very similar argument to “Color Me Nontoxic” by Momo Chang. What is stated is Valentines Day is bad for people. The flowers the candy and the cards can all be traced back to something bad. Some…

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