Women 's Influence On A Woman 's Stature Essay

2108 Words Dec 17th, 2016 9 Pages
Our country’s ideology and opinions on a woman’s stature, fortune and overall place in this world has come a very long way in terms of fairness and equality. From being treated as property (as an entire gender) and being deprived normal human rights such as participating in elections and even household decisions, to having women being able to be the sole bread winner of a household and even having a woman as a candidate to be the president of an entire nation! Then again, women are still being treated as if we have done something wrong. For some of us, having a normal and happy life is a distant dream. For some women, judgment from strangers, friends, co-workers and, most often family comes far too often and unfairly. Where men are treated delicately and sometimes given excuses, a woman has to hold onto the judgment and have it sit on her shoulders and hopefully allow it to strengthen her. The rules and roles set by society for each gender is extremely biased. Women are more directly afflicted by gender rules set by society, such as being married or not, as opposed to men. A majority of women are arbitrated for events in their life, whether in control of said events or not, whereas men are most often consoled. A child’s mind is very malleable. It is easily manipulated since their innocent minds are so gullible. When a parent begins to give a young boy a truck to play with and tells his sister she cannot play with it and she should play with her dolls, so begins the girl’s…

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