Women 's Education During Colonial America Essay

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In the 1700’s the level of women’s education in colonial America was immensely dependent on race class and location. The main purpose of education for women in the Colonial Time was to learn how to become skilled at household duties. These household duties were meant to assist the young woman in finding a suitable husband. Although, some women did have education, having one was looked down upon in the Colonial Times. In the South, only the necessary subjects were taught to the women. Those subjects included reading in order to study and read the bible, writing and arithmetic to document household expenses, music, etiquette, cooking and nursing. All of these subjects were taught and meant to be the necessary subjects for women in their daily lives as housewives. After the economy transitioned from handcrafted goods to the industrialization of products, women in the middle class were granted more spare time to receive an education. For girls attending schools in the 1700’s, any type of learning was a great experience to them. Most of these schools were called “adventure schools” mostly because they were more like camps than actual school. In these “adventure schools,” not a lot of academics were taught. Instead the subjects consisted of needlework, dancing and music. These types of schools only went on for a couple months and would then close due to money shortage for the teacher. In 1787, the Young Lady’s Academy, the first all female academies established in America, opened.…

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