Feminism In Education Essay

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In an interview with John Stewart on The Daily Show, Pakistani activist for female education, Malala Yousafzai stated, “…In Pakistan, when we were stopped from going to school, at that time I realized that education … is the power for women, and that’s why the terrorists are afraid of education…” From her speech and other quotes of famous politicians and activists about women’s presentation in education, we see the growing impact of education not only International world, but also American society too. However, politics, social movements have affected the education too. My interest in the impact of feminism education has developed through the different lenses of inquiry. I started interesting in this topic in my school years when we read literature …show more content…
Gender inequalities affect the division of roles the men and the women in a social life and professional development. Good examples for this quote are in politics and a military, where men generally fill them. Moreover, women are rarely presented in this field. However, women are represented in greater numbers in other areas. One of these areas is education, which is represented mostly by women. The paper argues that feminism had an impact on the increased representation of the women in education over the past century. I support this claim through a feminist theoretical framework and historical and qualitative …show more content…
With teachers’ life stories the author presents a historical discourse of teaching.
Other points about women –teachers we found in the book of Alison Oram ‘Women Teachers and Feminist Politics, 1900-39’ (1996) where she states that women-teachers were key players of feminism twentieth century. The text of the book contains an assessment of why women teachers were so politically active, and contributes to the literature on women 's politicization.
To know more about feminism and its beliefs we reviewed a book of R. Tong ‘Feminist Thoughts. A more Comprehensive Introduction’ published in2009 at Westview Press, University of North Carolina, Charlotte. The entire book dedicated to feminism, its origins, beliefs, principles and points of view for society and its aspects.
As a basic research guide, I used a book of Mertens, D. ‘Research and evaluation in education and psychology: Integrating diversity with quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods’, third edition.
3. Historical background of women-teachers in

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