Comparing The Saudi Women Reentry, Re-Adaptation And Cultural Integration Experience

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In this section, the following research questions were explored to examine the Saudi women reentry, re-adaptation and cultural integration experience: Participants Background
The study results present the transformative experience of the Saudi women. The study abroad and reentering their home culture was a pivotal point of all the followed challenges the participants faced. The significance of their experience captured their thoughts, mindsets, views, and dreams through shared narratives. In the following section, I described each participant’ uniqueness using demographic data collected through the questionnaire and interview notes. Each participant’s unique background and personal characteristics differentiate their experience from each other.
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She is in her early thirties. She travelled to the US with her husband and two kids to gain her master degree and spend four years their. Growing up, she spend13 years living in the USA with her parents which gave her a prior experience of life in the US. Before her study abroad, she worked in the private sector and later joined a public university to work as an adjunct professor after returning to the country. She has been living in the country for the past two years and a half.
Asma. She is in her early thirties. She spent five years in the USA with her sister studying to gain her master degree. Also, some of her friends from Saudi joined because of what the scholarship program offers, which she described that it made her feel like home. It was her first time travelling to western country when she went to the US. She didn’t have any prior work experience before travelling. She has been living in the country for the past one-year and a half. When she returned she worked in a private hospital for a period of time and then went to work to pharmaceutical

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