Lizzie Borden Thesis

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“Lizzie Borden with an axe,
Gave her father forty whacks,
When she saw what she had done,
She gave her mother forty-one
– Children’s rhyme” (Carter 43)
Lizzie Borden is a woman in her thirties yet she is stuck in a young girls mind set due to her never leaving home or starting her own life, living off her father’s funds and not having a motherly figure in her life.
Lizzie Borden lived a very parasitic type lifestyle, never leaving home or getting married. She never got to live a normal girl’s life by experiencing the joy of going on dates and flirting with boys. She never got to experience true happiness or venture out on her own. She simply lived off of her father, never leaving his house and using his funds to pay for everything. The only thing she did on her own was help with church functions and she would teach Sunday school to immigrants who recently came to America. She lives the life of a little girl and her mind set seems to be in the same state. She is stuck doing
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She had many spells that would make her have peculiar incidents such as stealing from her step mother. Although she did have teach her bible school class on Sundays and she would take care of her pigeons, those were the only few moments where she truly enjoyed her life. Lizzie’s true downfall that resulted in her murdering her parents was that she never went off and made a life for herself, she continued her whole life knowing nothing but her father’s house and the same continuous every day routine. She didn’t have the most ideal set of parents and it didn’t help her mental stability when her mother died when she was so young and never had the motherly nurturing most children receive. Lizzie Borden was a girl in a woman’s body and if she would’ve had the typical child’s life with a motherly figure in a less cramped environment, she would have been able to have a prosperous healthy

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