Women Of Indi The Discrimination For An Era Essay examples

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Women of India has faced the discrimination for an era and this still continue to exist in numerous forms.According to the web definition “Any denial of opportunity or equality on the gender basis is a discrimination”. Nature never discriminate women from men. But the world has made the women victims of inequality.India has lately become outrageous for its continuous sexual abuse and discrimination against women. Sexual violence and harassment there is so widespread that it even has a tagged name: Eve-teasing. On the other hand mothers over there are may be practicing discrimination, as well, in how they act towards their daughters in the womb.It has turned out to be that Indian mothers were somewhat more likely to seek out better prenatal ateention towards the boy than a girl (Journal of Human Resources).
A survey of more than 20,000 women across India found that when they are pregnant with boys, about 1.7 % of them more likely to take proper medicine, iron supplements or go to medical appointments, and also deliver the baby in a healthcare provision instead of a home than women pregnant with girls.The disparity rises to 4.5 % in northern part of India, where gender discrimination is more common."Decisions the mother makes early in her life affects her kid’s life in some way or the other," says Bhardwaj (California State University). And it 's unclear what exactly could drive this type of gender discrimination. But Bharadwaj thinks it might be connected to social…

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