New Hope For The Villages Of India Essay

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New Hope for the Villages of India documents the story of progressive change for women of developing villages in India. Throughout the documentary, several courageous women spoke about emerging from seclusion in order to serve in their communities by teaching other about family planning. These women are fighting for their rights in a gender-biased culture as they transform and teach other women about taboo subjects, such as reproductive health and their own bodies (Atwell). Family members support and encourage these efforts, including a village husband who works side-by-side with his wife in a male-dominated culture going against social norms. His mother believes that her daughter-in-law should work in the community rather than in seclusion in her house. She encourages her to get out of the house and go with her son to the medical practitioner seminars as well. The woman counsels other village woman about issues regarding reproduction and family planning, and hopes that her daughter will get a college education rather than marry as a teenager. Her daughter, at 17 years old, is still living at home getting an education, whereas other girls her age are out of the house and starting families of their own instead of receiving their own education. The documentary follows the work of several women from small villages in India. One particular non-profit group, Janani, encourages Indian village women and men to learn about family planning resources and helps make it available…

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