Women In The Middle East Essay

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Throughout history, feminism considered equality to be equal treatment for males and females under existing laws. The focus was not to change this “issue” but rather be included within it. A woman was limited in almost every aspect, from family life to the workplace. Generally a woman had one path to follow, which was to marry young and get started on having a family young, and be a “housewife”. The status of women in the Middle East differs greatly from the status of women in America. Women in America have gained a lot of respect and freedom, this did not come easy. However, there has been change in the way women live in the Middle East, but not nearly as much as women in America.
The Muslim countries of the Middle East state that women must
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To compare it to the slave era of the United States, that lasted a few hundred years and was eventually abolished, but this has lasted for thousands of years, and has barely scratched the surface of being ridden. As it seemed to get a bit better in the 1950’s and 1960’s with laws such as The Family Protection Act of 1967 enhanced women’s rights within the family. (Moghadam, 197) But then came the 80’s and seemingly what could be considered a slight turn for the worst in women’s rights in the middle east. That same law that gave women more rights was now replaced by Shari-a law that largely took away any right’s women had accumulated to that point. The Hijab was made mandatory, causing women who did not want to veil themselves in public positions, to resign. Women were also not allowed to wear make up or perfumes, nor could they continue working in television or radio. But it wasn’t just about what women could not do, it was also about what more men could do. Men were reinstated with the rights to be the only ones able to initiate divorce and participate in

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