Women's Rights In The Middle East

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The fight for women’s rights has been going on for centuries. The Middle East is one of the toughest places to be a woman. There are many restrictions placed on women, and many rights that women are not entitled to have. In a marriage everything is supposed to be equal between the man and the woman, but in the Middle East it is the opposite of equal. Married life for a woman is extremely difficult and unfair in the Middle East, in Saudi Arabia marriage for women just gets worse, in Iraq marriage is very unfair, and in Afghanistan marriage is both deadly and dangerous for women.
Women in Saudi Arabia have a very tough life, and it gets tougher once they are married. Women are practically treated as if they are children; they are not allowed
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Like in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, Afghanistan mas many laws that restrict a woman’s rights. These restrictions become worse once she is married. A woman’s daily activities are monitored at all times, if she would like to leave the house she has to tell her husband why she would like to leave, and the husband or her father regulates when and the reasons she leaves the house. While the Taliban was in control of Afghanistan women were practically put under house arrest. They were not allowed to leave the house unless it was for an extremely important reason, and they had to cover their windows so any man on the street could not see them in their homes. Even now, after the Taliban rule has ended, women are still abused every day and face persecution from men in their country. Women can be a form of payment to pay off debts for men. If a wife refuses to have sex with her husband he can refuse to feed her, and also if a woman is accused of having sex before she is married, she is publicly stoned as a lesson to other women. Half of Afghan girls are engaged by twelve years old and almost sixty percent of girls in Afghanistan are married by age sixteen. Around eighty-five percent of women in Afghanistan today say that they had been a victim to psychological, physical, and even sexual abuse. The abuse women receive often have to do with being forced into a marriage. A researcher says, “ An estimated 2,000 Afghan women and girls attempt suicide by setting themselves on fire each year, which is linked to domestic violence and early or forced marriages”(Afghanistan 1). Marriage in Afghanistan is just as bad as most places in the middle east, and its impacts on the women are

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