Equality In The Workplace

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An issue women are still facing today is equality in the workplace. Although women have come far with the help of feminism notions such as the glass ceilings, horizontal segregation and gender wage gap prevent them from moving forward or reaching total equality. This problem stems from the preexisting prejudice of gender and race.
From a young age children have been conditioned to act and behave a certain way and along with these conditions are the gender roles imposed on them from birth. The moment a child is born they are wrapped in a blue or pink blanket which claims that child to be either male or female. Their walls of their rooms are painted accordingly, and every baby outfit is either themed with “cute princess” or “bad boy”. Something
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“As already discussed, African American women may not identify with some aspects of femininity more readily associated with white femininity such as passivity” (Femininity p.131-132). On top of the forced gender notion comes the stereotype that is expected of a the young girls as they become woman because of what race she is. It doesn 't help that these gender roles are forced upon children by the media also highlights it.
In fact, feminist could argue that the media 's influence is even greater now than before… And popular media such as film, television, newspapers and magazine continue to frame (in every sense of the word) women within a narrow repertoire of types that bear little or no relation to how real women live their real lives (Byerly and Ross
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Women of color in the media are often portrayed as loud, greedy, ratchet or jezebels. This stereotype may be due to that character having a bold personality or just being a woman who is independent. Another common stereotype is that of the dumb blonde who is more often than not also perceived to be a white women.When a woman holds a high position or is working her way up towards a higher position, she is often seen as evil, cold, hated or unloved due to her involvement in her work or self-improvement. Since these are the images that the media is showing along with the preconceived notions that children are raised in, it is no wonder that women are struggling to get past the glass

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