Stereotypes Of An Angry Black Woman

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Stereotypes are derived from a group of people. They describe how a person or race is perceived. The stereotype of an “angry black woman” is identified by her attitude and her body language. Most African American women are accused of being an “angry black woman” just for expressing their own opinion. This stereotype of the black woman is consistent because it has been around for so long and is constantly being portrayed through the media. Black women are glorified for the accomplishments that they make but the accomplishments are shadowed by the stereotypes placed on them. The African American woman stereotype comes from the prejudice of skin color, the glorification of the Caucasian woman, and the belittling of the black woman’s education and because of this the lives of black women …show more content…
Instead they are stereotyped and degraded not only by the Caucasians, but also other minorities, including African Americans. The black woman has lost her respect and her ability to say or do things because of these stereotypes. It is forgotten that she is supposed to be the key to the future and she is equally as smart as the women in any other race. The black woman is entitled to have her own thoughts and suggestions towards whatever it is that she sees.
The stereotype of the “angry black woman” is one that needs to disappear. Just because she has a certain skin complexion does not mean that she is any less of a woman than one with a lighter skin tone. Black and white women do the same things. The white woman even copies the black woman with styles, clothes, and trying to have a darker skin tone. The only difference is the black woman’s skin tone is natural. An African American woman’s education should not be downgraded as if she never got one at all. Just as a Caucasian woman can share her opinion without being stereotyped or judged, the black woman should

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