Essay about Women Discrimination And The Workplace

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Segregation is not only used to separate us based on the color of one’s skin but also in the workplace based on one’s sexual orientation. This major issue we the United States faces. “Levels of segregation are affected by three factors: the fineness of occupational distinctions, the sizes of occupations, and the sex composition of the labor force” (Reskin 243). Women discrimination in the workplace is and has been very overlooked over the last sixty years, even with the many social transformations we have had in the United States. Women should not have to live in a world of discrimination any longer. Many women in other regions face the same discrimination that could be more extreme than what the United States faces. Worldwide women tend to have less access to opportunities for employment, education, and in many countries women are still property of men, not allowed to vote and cannot work with men.
Unfair treatment effects many women from different walks of life especially single mothers, which is already a struggle within itself. There is a lot that comes with being born a woman, going through the childbirth process, the stereotypes that women receive but men do not, a monthly gift that keeps on giving. Even with the many complications of being a woman they still strive to be powerful individuals in today’s society. However, women were and still have been unequally paid since the year of 1968. Women were paid fifty-eight percent less than males across the world. Treating…

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