Wk 4 Bsa 502 Essay

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Week 4: Operations Paper

Jamie Franklin

BSA 502

April 15, 2013
James Francisco PhD

Week 4: Operations Paper

History Kudler Fine Foods was established in 1998. The owner, Kathy Kudler has a passion for gourmet foods and found that her neighborhood did not have any shops available to buy her desired specialty food and wine. She currently has three stores open and visits each store frequently. Kathy does all the ordering for all three stores on a weekly basis. She orders in bulk for all three locations in order to lower the price she pays. The products come from local, national, and international suppliers. Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables are purchased locally from distributors that ensure the highest quality products.
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When the sales fluctuates more than 10% that is red flag and the situation needs to be evaluated. Sometimes community events bring more unexpected customers. When sales are low, a promotion is planned for next year during the same time.
Internet Purchasing Kudler Fine Foods, the supplier, and Kathy Kudler, herself will benefit from implementing a system to purchase from the suppliers via the internet. Kudler Fine Foods will be able to integrate their inventory management system along with the other systems that will be installed. The system will let the ordering process see exactly when an item is running low and order it before there is a stock out. These automated systems will free Kathy up for more hours per week and allow her to interact with customers on a regular basis. She is a very important part of the business and interacting with customers is part of her superior customer service.
Implementing the System The first step is to contact the suppliers. Have list of questions ready with the contact information and the possible transactions. Ask about purchase orders, invoices, advanced shipment notices. Find out which transactions they have or would like to create. If they already have internet purchasing, find out how Kudler Fine Foods can start using the program. Find out the hardware or software requirements. Start with a simple system. The purchase orders should be implemented into an electronic system

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