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October 2011: 1 | | Cabinet approves Bill to share mining profits | * Mines and Mineral Development and Regulation (MMDR) Bill, 2011 * Provides for mining companies to keep aside 26% of their net profits for a Mineral Development Fund to be used for development and rehabilitation of project-affected people in the tribal areas of the country * For the non-coal companies, amount will be equivalent to the royalty they pay * Appointed a regulatory body for overseeing the functioning of the mining sector and measures to tackle illegal mining | Maoist problem in West Bengal | * In Jangalmahal region of West Bengal * Maoists: Operations by security forces and peace talks cannot go together. | Yasin Malik's arrest sparks …show more content…
ct Afzal Guru hangs in the balance with his clemency petition pending before the President * In the past three decades, Rashtrapati Bhavan has rejected close to 90 per cent of the petition * Has given rise to a demand that the discretion of the President be made time-bound | 3 | | Shanti Tigga becomes first woman jawan | * Women are allowed to join the armed forces only as officers in the non-combat units | NASA's flying telescope in search of distant stars | * Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) * Mounted on a Boeing 747 jet | MNREGA Job scheme: Tamil Nadu tops the list | * Tamil Nadu topped the list of States that provided jobs to rural households for 100 days as per MNREGA at the end of the second quarter of the financial year 2011-12 | Web portal launched | * A web based portal for speedy implementation of the Rajasthan State Wide Area Network (RAJSWAN) * For establishing a robust communication infrastructure with the objective to improve the administrative efficiency and effectiveness and enhance the quality of services rendered to common people in the State | Shipping Ministry adopts better strategies to meet challenges | * Building new major ports * Giving new momentum to the process of corporatization * Augmenting capacities | 4 | | Chhattisgarh Police search human rights activist's residence in Jaipur | * Chhattisgarh Police raided the residence of Jaipur-based human rights activist Kavita

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