Essay about William Shakespeare 's The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

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As John C. Maxwell says, “a leader is one who knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way.” Along with a successful leader is powerful rhetoric. Making use of the two is William Shakespeare in his play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, a tragedy about the life and death of an emperor of Rome, Julius Caesar. Because the title of the play includes the name of Julius Caesar, one would think that Caesar would be the leader in this play, but he does not fit the qualities of speech, nor those of a leader. The use of rhetoric and the qualities of a person can make or break their role as a leader. A successful leader should have the capability to model the way, be one who cares not only about themselves, but about others, be trustful when speaking, and so on. Shakespeare includes many possible leaders including Julius Caesar, the emperor of Rome, Mark Antony, Caesar’s close friend, Marcus Brutus, a well-known Roman citizen, and Caius Cassius, a Roman citizen. The play covers the life of Julius Caesar from the moment he is crowned to the aftermath of his violent death, executed by Brutus and Cassius. While many may picture Antony as the natural leader, Brutus’s commitment to the greater good and his use of logical reasoning makes him the more superior candidate.
Part 1: Brutus the Leader Brutus is a well-known and high ranked Roman citizen. He carries out the role of a leader throughout the play with his care for not only himself, but others, modeling the way, and so much more.…

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