William Shakespeare 's ' Julius Caesar ' Essay

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Julius Caesar was a play written by William Shakespeare in the First Folio on 1599. The

main setting of this play is about what Rome was built from. Throughout this play, it is

noticeable that there are complications on to finding out where a character is going to end up.

Many of the characters in this play took very surprising and unexpected turns in to something

more interesting. Those turns are the most obvious reasons onto why this play is well

constructed. In this play there are 4 characters that are very crucial to the fate of Rome. These

characters are Brutus, Antony, Cassius and Octavius. They are also the reason that Rome is in a

different place right now than where it started. By the cold-hearted plot of the conspirators,

Rome’s leader, Julius Caesar, has been killed. After this Rome was in the pressure of confusion

and distrust. Throughout the rest of the play, we realize that those 4 character are very useful for

Rome, in order for it to be the most powerful Empire that ever existed.

Brutus plays one of the most critical roles in this play. In the beginning of the play, he

started out to be one of the most respectful and honorable senators in Rome. Everything changed

after the night of Caesar’s murder. He was being hunted down by the army and other so he can

face the trials he deserves for this gruesome act of murder. Caesar and Brutus are described as

best friends in the play. It is most likely that Brutus has been having heartaches…

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