William Grimes 's Life And Life Essay example

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William Grimes was born a slave in the year 1784, in King George County, Virginia. William Grimes was the son of Benjamin Grimes, one of the wealthiest planters in King George County, Virginia. Benjamin Grimes had four sons by three different women...two by his wife, one (himself) by a slave of Doct. Steward (the master) and another by his own servant maid. William Grimes had a family of his own as well, he married Clarissa Caesar and they had eighteen children together, twelve of whom survived. As for his religious life, he was a Christian, he always prayed, attended church, and listened to the preaching. Grimes served at least ten different masters in Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia. He worked a variety of positions such as a house servant, valet, field worker, stable boy, and coachman. During his life a slave Grimes resisted a few times. For example, after working there two days hoeing the corn, his master requested him to come back in the house again, but he refused and was whipped. He became free when he escaped from his owner Mr. Wellman as they were on a trip to Bermuda. He eventually returns to New Haven and develops a business as a barber. Not long thereafter, Grimes overhears a constable identify him as a runaway and flees New Haven, but he realizes he must return to his friends and work. He was informed that he will be arrested and re-enslaved "if I did not buy myself. I instantly offered to give up my house and land, all I had" (p. 66). In addition, Grimes gave…

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