Essay on Will Political Globalization Follow Economic Globalization?

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Will political globalization inevitably follow economic globalization?

BY Gonçalo Jóia Martins
Student number 12859

Abstract: The essay intends to prove that political globalization and a system of global governance is inevitable. First, it starts by showing how economic globalization led countries to be more dependent on each other than ever. This is demonstrated by the growing cross-border interdependence due to economic trade and also by the proliferation of global players that require global cooperation between nations. Those factors inevitably lead to the necessity of global institutions of governance. The thesis is supported by answering to the Rodrick Trilemma using the influence of important globalization actors like
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L. Hill, 2014, p.16), so the answer appears to be correct. But globalization cannot simply be resumed to free trade, the mere movement of goods.

Nowadays people interact globally. It’s more and more likely to make friends around the world, or even to marry someone from another culture. But not only people! Countries are also getting connected and to explain these connections and how they will inevitably lead to political globalization is what I will try to do.


To better illustrate these connections between nations we can use Thomas L. Friedman’s (2005, p.421) Dell Theory. According to it: “No two countries that are both part of a major global supply chain, will ever fight a war against each other as long as they are both part of the same global supply chain.”

To support it, he gives the example of a large multinational company like Dell, that by having major supply chain operations in countries other than its home country, indirectly prevents those from engaging in armed conflicts. This shows that there is an interdependence between nations created by globalization.

The war example might seem extreme but I think it makes a pretty good point. I assume that as countries get connected it is indeed less likely to fight another nation since you know that your economic partners live there. How likely is for one country to invade another, if both have

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