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Chapter 2 Solution Manual
* Review documents to discover relevant entities and attributes for database * Prepare interview questions and follow up * Prepare questionnaires * Observe work flow for process and exceptions
I. Gathering Information A. Initial Interviews with Chief Stakeholders B. Review of Business Documents C. Interviews with Stakeholders D. Questionnaires E. Job Shadowing
II. Review of Business Documents A. Reasons for Review B. Forms C. Reports D. Other Business Documents
III. Types of Databases A. Transaction Database B. Management Information Systems C. Business Intelligence Systems D. Cloud Databases
IV. Interviews with Stakeholders A. Preparing for the
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A service that offers access to a cloud database to applications | 14. Management Information Systems | m. A database optimized for queries that summarize transaction data | 15. Requirement | i. Something the database needs to do to be successful | 16. Data Warehouse | f. A collection of various types of business information including databases and documents | 17. Stakeholder | a. Anyone who has a stake in the process | 18. Work Shadowing | q. Observing workers handling data on the job |

Things to Look Up 1. Information Gathering is often presented as a part of a Systems Design and Analysis. Look up the Systems Analysis and Design Life Cycle. What are the parts of this life cycle? How do you think this relates to database development?
The Wikipedia entry for this topic is at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Systems_Development_Life_Cycle. It identifies the parts of the life cycle as “Planning,” “Analysis,” “Design,” “Implementation,” and “Maintenance.” Most sites have a similar list of parts. The students should see that the database development cycle is essentially equivalent to the systems cycle. 2. Look up “Joint Application Development” or JAD. Briefly describe the process. Do you think this would work with Database Development?
A good concise definition can be at http://www.mariosalexandrou.com/methodologies/joint-application-development.asp. Wikipedia also has a definition. The basic idea is to create one or more

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