Why Women Should Be More Flexible Than Men Essay

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Generally, as men and women age, the ability to stretch as far as a younger child is not as easy due to a decline in flexibility. When a child hits puberty, flexibility will diminish because the tendons and muscles are not able to keep up with the rapid growth of the bones. Though, women are able to gain or improve their flexibility after puberty because of estrogen (Stricker, 11/4/2014). As joints age, they lose flexibility because they are not as healthy as a child’s joints (Appleton, 1/9/96). Men have less flexibility because men tend to have more muscle than women have. When there is more muscle in a human body, there isn’t as much room for a joint to move. This is why women tend to be more flexible than men (Stricker, 11/4/2014).
Part Two The goal of the experiment is to determine whether or not age affects flexibility in both genders of swimmers. Upper body and lower body flexibility is to be measured to determined the flexibility in females and males from a variety of ages. This experiment will be able to observe the effects of puberty on flexibility. In the 12-18 year old groups, it will be determined whether or not those test subjects were able to gain flexibility after going through puberty.
Part Three Joints are what allow that body’s movements and flexibility (Durani 10/2012). During aging, there are alterations to the ligaments and tendons, making joint movement narrow (“Effects of Aging” 9/2009). As joints in the body degenerate, so does flexibility.…

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