Why War Should Not Be The Solution

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Many soldiers went to war and lost their lives for this country, and they have never been told the exact reason for this war; they should be rightfully informed by the government the actual reason for being sent to another country to risk their lives. It would be the right thing to do because someone is not going to give their life and find out that it is meaningless. The difficult part is trying to get the government to reveal their true intentions to the public. The government is smart, so they hide the facts from its citizens and make them believe that what they are doing is the best choice to make. This is their way of manipulating the country and doing whatever they want whilst having the American people on their side when they make decisions.
War should not be the solution unless there is no other possible way of resolving conflict or differences. It is safe to assume that when Congress declared war on Iraq, they were not using proper reasoning because they did not think about what they were risking and how much of a cost it would be overall. Since the beginning of time, people have been fighting each other and going to war, and the primary reason usually is greed, money, and power. Still to this day, these are reasons for the start of a war, and this is terrible because people are not learning from what has occurred in the past. History should be a way to help everyone understand what is wrong and what is right so that mistakes are not repeated.
The Iraq War is the

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