Why The Family Physician Patient Patients With Down Syndrome Essay

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With my head covered and shoes removed, I bent over to wash my hands and feet in the holy water before stepping inside the Golden Temple. With my hands folded together, I stood in front of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib (holy scriptures) and dedicated a prayer for Jatinder’s, my brother’s, health. Growing up with an older brother with special needs, I have seen the close relationship my family has with the family physician. The role of the family physician in patients with Down Syndrome is to provide a comprehensive medical evaluation and medical surveillance of diseases common in them. Further, my parents seek for guidance for more than Jatinder’s medical needs, including his daily living skills, intellectual disability, and functional limitations. As a family member of a brother with Down Syndrome, I believe the holistic approach to medicine is the best way to practice. Rather than just focusing on his/her diseases, the entire well-being of the patient is important. Mental, emotional, social and environmental stability are all components of health a primary care provider should consider. Our family physician provided my parents with resources for early intervention to address Jatinder’s needs and helped with his development. Jatinder maintains a social and active lifestyle at his school and home. The holistic approach to medicine is overall a better method to improve the quality of life while maintaining optimal physical health.
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