Essay about Why Textbooks Are An Important Part Of Middle School Reading

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Guthrie and Klauda argue that textbooks are an important part of middle school reading but in Making Textbook Reading Meaningful they say a lot of times these books are at too high of a level for most of our middle school students. Guthrie and Klauda explain five practices that motivate our students to read the textbook rather that actively avoid reading the material. Research shows most of what we learn and know about our basic studies come from reading informational texts. This reading helps students to become self-disciplined, which according to Guthrie and Klauda self-discipline can be more important than IQ tests (Guthrie & Klauda, 2012). The self-discipline needed to be successful comes from reading, not just textbooks but a wide variety of informational texts. These different texts get students to question what they are reading, which leads to more reading to get the answers they want.
Guthrie and Klauda give a variety of reasons and examples of how textbooks are useful, they also give us several ways to make the textbook reading more meaningful for our students. I found it unique that in order for our students to build the self-discipline they need to have increased self-efficacy in order to have a high self-efficacy students need to be successful when learning from the textbook. While I was student teaching and taking classes to become a teacher professors and administration would tell us to steer clear of just having our students read the textbook,…

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