Why Test When You Can Assess? Essay

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Why Test When You Can Assess? According to American Test Anxieties Association, “40-60% of students admit to having test anxiety at some point or another and around 38% of students record having it all the time” (Brideau par. 5). Exams should be outlawed in favor of another form of assessment, such as demonstration, class activities, and projects because hands on assessments give a better explanation to students and improves motivation, helps learners improve their performances, and also focuses on students’ strengths and learning. Other forms of assessment such as demonstration, class activities, and projects help students learn better. These three forms of assessment help students learn and remember more information because students have to actively demonstrate and also participate in class activities where they present their ideas instead of reading out of a book or even listening to a teacher lecture for hours. For example, when students are working on a group project they have to research information and then present their ideas to the group for review before the final presentation. “As children progress through the elementary school years, other factors create or enhance evaluation anxiety. In school, children experience increasingly formal, complex, and frequent evaluation, which they cannot often cope with effectively” (Hill and Wigfield 2). Once students reach second grade they often start comparing themselves to other students. This can lead to students…

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