Why Students Drop Out Of College Essay

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After surviving the relentless application process, getting accepted into college, and paying thousands of dollars in tuition, it is hard to imagine why anyone would drop out of college. For some, the college experience is a cherished memory – the best four years of their lives – while for others, it is a life changing battle. It is an unfortunate shame when students drop out, and it is to both the university and students’ benefit that students graduate on time. The best way to increase the graduation rate is to first understand why students drop out. Students drop out of college for multiple reasons. The main reasons are because many students cannot afford the high tuition, they are not prepared for the academic rigor of college and, in some …show more content…
Often students are still used to being told what to do and corrected by their parents, but in college there is a lot more personal responsibility and independence. For most students, going to college is the first time living away from home. There is a lot of responsibilities when it comes managing a home such as cleaning, washing, grocery shopping and etc. Students often get homesick or tend to not know how to do things around the house without their parents. It is also a massive amount of stress for young person to manage household tasks in addition to the academic rigor and working a part-time job. Students have to learn how to manage time. If students decide to socialize and participate in campus activities, then students should make time to finish up their coursework first. Effective time management and good decision making are necessary for all students who wish to successfully graduate.
Students drop out of college because they cannot afford it financially, are not prepared academically and do not know how to be independent. In today’s competitive work force, students need the most education and training possible to be successful. Understanding the dropout rates help the students and the university begin to address the problem. When the problem is addressed and viewed from all sides, collaborations and partnerships

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