Why Should Everyone Go To College

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College does help to enhance knowledge and have an exceptional job, but not everyone has that, due to the obstacles people have to face. For those people who can go to college have the opportunity to study their desired majors and for the ones who are undecided on what they want to major still have the opportunity to finish the prerequisites yet gain knowledge while they are there. I don’t find it fair that some people who are in college because their parents told them even though it’s not the student/persons decision, it is most likely to have parents content that their child is attending college, therefore there are people wanting to attend, but for financial reasons they can’t which they should have a huge support to find a way to be in college to accomplish their goals and dreams. Should everyone go to college? Yes, everyone should go to college, depending on the students’ decision, dedication, and finance. …show more content…
According to the article “Bowie State University Commencement Ceremony” by Mrs. Obama mentioned, “No matter what career you pursue, every single one of you has a role to play as educators for our young people.” What about the people who didn’t graduate and for the people who are working in a fast food restaurant which is not a career but it’s a job? Can they educate young people to make them focus on education and going to college? Not every single person who has siblings will really say something about staying focused on education. For people who couldn’t have the opportunity to attend college are very supportive with the young ones because for whatever reason it was a chance they had to miss and those people see the importance of college because the mentality is with college I won’t be working in a fast food

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