Essay on Why Sex Trafficking Is Becoming First Biggest Crime

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Many people in societies and government are increasing demand to have sex with young girls. The demand never come to an end that is why sex trafficking business is becoming first biggest crime in the world. Sex trafficking business is worth billions of dollars, and they don’t have to pay any tax on it. Joan states, “Due to a fear of contracting AIDS or other sexually transmissible infections, sex offenders or johns have increased the overall demand for “virgins” or prepubescent minors” (11). Sex traffickers force more new girls into prostitution to fulfill johns demand as Joan said. Johns are really selfish because they just care about their own protection only without even caring about the victims. “Due to the greater likelihood of younger minors suffering anal or vaginal tearing during intercourse, plus possessing an underdeveloped than adults, younger minors face greater risk for contracting and subsequently passing on sexually transmissible infections” (Joan 11). Every year, many victims are suffering and even dying because of the critical health related diseases, which they inherited while they were being prostituted. Johns are very stone hearted because they never take victims to the doctors, so many of the victims work to their death. Only some victims survive, and they are considered very lucky because not everyone get a chance to enjoy their freedom once they get into prostitution.
In 2009, I came to United Stated as a 9th grader. I spent my fifteen years in my…

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