Child Sex Trafficking Research Paper

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Acts that occur behind closed doors in our community can be shocking to many, but they occur every day and night in our own neighborhoods. Human trafficking is the manufacturing of children for the sex trade a form of modern day slavery where people profit from the control and exploitation of others. Commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking of minors are often-overlooked forms of child abuse a serious problems in the United States with long-term adverse consequences for children and society as a whole. Minors who are prostituted or sexually exploited in other ways should be treated as victims rather than arrested and prosecuted as criminals.
They are trapped in lives of misery often beaten, starved and forced to work as prostitutes
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It 's the second largest criminal industry in the world, behind the trade in illegal drugs. The grim reality of child sex trafficking in the United States is that human traffickers are selling sex with children in big cities and small towns throughout America. This is not only a third world problem, but a very real issue for us in America. Even though child sex trafficking has been illegal in the United States since only 2000 with the passing of Trafficking Victims Protection Act. Under this law it is illegal to recruit, harbor, transport, provide or obtain a person under the age of eighteen for the purpose of a commercial sex act. The children being victimized by sex trafficking are often very young. On average, girls are first exploited for commercial sex between the ages of twelve and fourteen. For boys the average age is even younger, between eleven and …show more content…
My name is Adriana and I was a victim of child sex trafficking, child abuse and rape. I know firsthand the stigma that comes with such a dark topic. Child trafficking affects millions of children in the U.S. there is no one look fits all too this horrific crime against minors. My goal is to make people aware that this is not a foreign topic, this is something going on in our backyards. Along with the help of Debbie Johnson we hope to educate people on what child trafficking really is and how to help prevent it. With information and knowledge comes power, the power to put an end to such a heinous crime against

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