Why Schools Should Be A Gap Year? Essay

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he Gap Year and Why it is Favorable In the United States, school is taken very seriously and postponing education after high school appears absurd, however, colleges and universities are beginning to encourage what is called a gap year. A gap year is when students take time off from school between high school and college, usually to volunteer within a community. With its increasing popularity, it has now become a concern whether or not the decision of taking a gap year is advantageous. However, there are several reasons why schools would benefit from recommending a gap year to their incoming students. It is clear that colleges and universities should encourage all students to take a gap year after high school because their students will become mature, gain experience, and the institutions have nothing to lose. One reason why colleges and universities should promote a gap year is because their students will become mature. Without the pressure of educational obligations weighing students down, a better understanding can be reached about one’s purpose in life. It is because of this universities, such as Harvard, encourage their students to take a gap year (Pope). Colleges and universities do this because they see “a year off before starting classes as a means to mature emotionally and intellectually” (Gergerich 19). This shows that some institutions know firsthand that a gap year is an excellent way for students to develop themselves and become more sophisticated. In fact, a…

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