Why School Uniforms Are More Beneficial Factors For Students Essay

1160 Words Mar 31st, 2016 null Page
I was talking with my youth group kids the other day, and they started talking about how much they hate their school uniforms. They said school uniforms take away one’s individuality, uncomfortable to wear and doesn’t help any academic success in school. I do agree how teenagers would think and feel in such way, but I would have to disagree with the argument. School uniforms do not take away one’s individuality and they may not help academic success in school, but brings unity in school. I believe wearing uniforms has more beneficial factors for students. Wearing uniforms will relocate distractions from doing school works, help financial advantage for parents, and uniforms give positive aspect social equalization. Reduce school violence.
When I was in Vietnam, it was mandatory for all middle school and high school students to wear uniforms. I always liked wearing uniforms, because I didn’t have to spend that much time on picking out clothes. When I moved to the United States, only private schools had uniforms. I didn’t notice at first, but we had a discussion in class about wearing uniforms. I never knew it was such controversial topic for students, parents, and schools. From an opposing argument, many people pointed out that uniforms take away students’ individuality and limit the expression of self, uniforms distract students by interfering their comfort and uniforms are a financial burden. I disagree with the argument. I believe individuality comes from inner self,…

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