Why School Should Start Later

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Waking up by 6, showering, getting dressed, eating, and out the door to school. Like most teenagers my morning is rushed and I’m still half asleep. With some schools starting as early as 7 a.m. teenagers are not able to get the recommended amount of sleep. Schools need to start later in the morning (Teens). Starting later in the morning will mean teens can get the adequate amount of sleep, better grades, and overall better health.

With 60% of teens complaining about being tired during the school day it’s pretty obvious they aren’t getting enough sleep. The average teen needs at least eight to ten hours of sleep every night, however, very few actually get that much sleep. A teenagers biological clock naturally makes them stay up later and wake up later, but when schools are starting as early as seven a.m. it’s going against what their bodies naturally want to do. When schools have pushed back the start time in the morning they have found teens are less likely to become tires throughout the day. The answer is pretty obvious, schools starting later means more sleep for teens (Teens).

When teens get an appropriate amount of sleep they
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After school activities such as sports, homework, and jobs would last much longer at night due to release times being pushed back. Also some people will argue that parents need to be responsible for their teens getting to bed and getting enough sleep. Some parents say it would be more of an inconvenience for the students to get to school. Many students rely on parents for a ride to school and with a later start time parents may have to be to work before the kids need to be at school, making it much harder for some students to get to school. Starting earlier in the morning could potentially result in higher electric bills, due to being open earlier and longer in the day. Even with the small inconveniences, the benefits definitely outweigh the cons

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