Why Same Sex Marriage Is Wrong Essay example

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You Were Born This Way
A few weeks ago I was walking down by the stadium, when an older man stopped me and handed me a flyer. Not thinking much of it, I grabbed the flyer and continued walking to class. As I began glancing over the flyer, I realized it was a paper of points as to why same-sex marriage is wrong. The information I was reading was very disturbing to me and made me quite upset. Typically, I do not get involved with these types of issues so that I can avoid the drama that comes along with it. A flame was suddenly sparked within me, however, after being handed this piece of paper with hurtful and intolerant points as to why it is disgustingly wrong to marry someone of the same-sex. I find the fact that someone went out of their way to write down such hurtful things and pass it out on a college campus incredibly disheartening. I learned from this experience, however, as it helped me draw a line between right and wrong. I now have a view on a common world-wide issue, and am confident in my opinion; same- sex marriage is okay.
Imagine yourself when you were a child, think about your skin color, hair style. Now look at the skin color, and style of your hair today. Has it changed, or is it the same? For people who do not dye their hair or cut it,is likely quite similar to their hair as a child. Other people’s hair, however, will have changed markedly from whenever they were a child because of things they do to it, such as changing the color, length, and style. Now,…

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