Essay on Why Prostitution Is Considered Unethical

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Philosophy Paper (Discussion)

Le’Shar Grant

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Why Prostitution Is Considered Unethical

In this paper I argue against the profession of prostitution. Prostitution abolitionist say

that prostitution is considered unethical. It is wrongfully forced and easily achievable due to the

use of coercion (persuading someone to do something by violence or threats). As a result

traffickers get to target the groups of people who are the most “vulnerable”. Many people are

unaware that prostitution is going on around them, and for that reason many victims do not

receive help. Lastly, prostitution is intended to degrade the prostitute.

However, prostitution prohibitionist disagree. A human choice is not unethical. Instead of

victims being vulnerable, and forced into the profession, the actuality is that prostitution is more

“free willing”. Many people do not need to know everything that is going on. Because people are

unaware of the trades’ reality, more cheap business can be achieved. Finally, prostitution is not a

form of degradation, instead it is a method to fulfill one’s sexual desires.

On one hand prostitution prohibitionist say prostitution is ethical, on the other hand

prostitution abolitionist say prostitution is unethical. It’s wrongfully forced, and easily

achievable because sex traffickers tend to target groups of people who are the most “vulnerable”.

But what causes human vulnerability? After achieving the definition of human…

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