Why Prostitution Is Considered Unethical

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Philosophy Paper (Discussion)

Le’Shar Grant

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Why Prostitution Is Considered Unethical

In this paper I argue against the profession of prostitution. Prostitution abolitionist say

that prostitution is considered unethical. It is wrongfully forced and easily achievable due to the

use of coercion (persuading someone to do something by violence or threats). As a result

traffickers get to target the groups of people who are the most “vulnerable”. Many people are

unaware that prostitution is going on around them, and for that reason many victims do not

receive help. Lastly, prostitution is intended to degrade the prostitute.

However, prostitution prohibitionist disagree. A human choice is not unethical. Instead
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Prostitutes wok for little to nothing, or majority of their earnings go towards their owners.

Because of this employers get to pay for cheap labor while making high profits. So the more

prostitutes you have, the higher the profits. And when profits increase, the motive for

“trafficking” becomes more intense. Consumers and Employers have the same goal: paying the

lowest price to receive the highest benefits. Bales states that “As people become more vulnerable

to exploitation and business continually seek the lower-cost labor sources trafficking human

beings generates profit and a market for human trafficking is created (Bales,Kevin)”. This is

what makes the whole business easier to operate.

Notwithstanding this prostitution prohibitionists counter, prostitution abolitionist, and

treatment facilities disagree of the world not knowing about the illegal business going on. If

lucky enough to leave the trade, women and young children usually have post trauma. As a result

majority of them can never once be who they were before, or end up killing
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Yet, prostitution prohibitionists debate this last point. Prostitution is not degrading. Many

women tend to feel lonely, one way to fulfill their sexual desires is to look into prostitution.

Reassured by Procon.org “Prostitution is female sexual liberation and a way for women to give

full expression to their deepest sexual fantasies (Procon.org)”. Different people have different

reasons for being a prostitute, but the outside world only wants to see the victim role. When

having the internet available porn becomes available and shows off the “dirty” sides of having

sex. Which is being tied up, spit on, spanked, and chocked. So instead of degrading women, men

are doing them a favor by fulfilling their sexual desires.

In spite of this prostitution prohibitionists counter, prostitution abolitionist and feminist

disagree. No women wants to be treated as anything other than a human being. Upon writing the

book The Evolution of Prostitutes Rights, Sarah Bromberg concludes that “Many men believe

their sexual inclinations are inherited traits, and therefore a birthright (Bromberg, Sarah)”.

Because men have this belief they tend to desire natural dominance, and expect women to

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