Kantianism And Prostitution

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Is there a moral difference between male and female prostitution? I believe that there is not a moral difference, and both male and female prostitution is morally wrong even if the circumstances are that everyone involved is 18 years of age, it is not a form of slavery, and that there is no more duress than most people encounter in difficult lives. To defend my position, I will use the Kantianism to respect people at all times. Throughout my argument, I will focus on the principles and morals behind the decision to sell yourself for sex, rather than the results that follow the act of prostitution.
Kant’s ethical theory states that moral duties are absolute and universal. Universalizability describes that if it is wrong for everyone to do
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Treating someone purely for their body and what services they can provide fails to respect their worth as a human. Kantianism rejects prostitution being morally right because to be morally right, the action must universalizable. To classify as being universalizable, all truths must be universal, without exceptions. There is no room for ‘generally’ or ‘for the most part’. Through the lens of Kantianism, all morals must be globally accepted for everyone. Throughout society, we do not view prostitution as universally moral. Typically, women who have chosen to sell themselves for sex are seen as ‘sluts’ or ‘whores’. However, men who have chosen this life for themselves are praised for their masculinity and the number of women they have slept with. Kantianism clearly explains that if it is wrong on one side of the spectrum to proceed in this act, in this example women, then it must be equally immoral for men to …show more content…
Other ethical theories such as Utilitarianism, focuses on the ratio of benefits and burdens that are associated with a choice, as well as Consequentialism, which determines morality based on the consequences of an act. Kant’s ideas are commonly referred to as ‘Duty Ethics’. In this theory, morality is rooted in good-will among people and our basic duty in society is to cultivate and establish a healthy community and form relationships with other people. Both male and female prostitution defy this definition of morality. In the guidelines given in the example, it is made clear that the men or women involved in prostitution are participating on their own will. They are over 18 years of age, are not in harm or being threatened, and they are not involved in sex slavery. They are engaged in these acts purely because of their own desires. Many feminists argue that the right to enter into the life of prostitution is freeing and empowering. However, prostitution does not make for a better community in your city, family, and specifically with current or future significant others. Kantianism argues the fact that although something may bring you more happiness, many acts are absolutely prohibited. While selling yourself to someone to be treated as a mere means may be initially satisfying, it does not promote good in society and therefore is immoral according to Kant’s

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