Essay about Why Pharmacy Is The Best Career For Me

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Ambitions, dreams and why I think pharmacy is the best career for me.

Pharmacy is an interesting, highly trusted and ever changing profession that plays a vital part in the health care system. The main purpose of this profession is to improve an individual 's quality of life. In order to prepare for such a lifelong commitment to society, I need to have a degree as a doctor of pharmacy.

During my undergraduate studies my main goal was to succeed in my course work and eventually transfer into any health field. While in college I attended many seminars until one day during the science symposium we had a guest speaker who was a pharmacist. Her enthusiasm about the pharmacy profession inspired my curiosity. I began taking my prerequisites alongside with some biotechnology courses; I got good grades and so opted to do an internship in two different labs: a sterilization lab and a pharmaceutical lab. With my experience from both labs I realized pharmacology really is the field in which I want to excel. My personal interest in becoming a pharmacist grew wider as I proceeded with my prerequisite courses. Also my desire to participate and impact the health of others has grown as I gain more knowledge in the various topics in pharmaceutical. My true passion lies in helping others. Caring for others and contributing to their well-being has always been a significant part of my character. With my personal experiences, I have learned that being a pharmacist is all about caring and…

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