Essay about Why Pharmacy Is A Health Related Profession

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Pharmacy is a health related profession that deals with the science of manufacturing, distributing and dispensing of drugs. The practice of pharmacy encompasses universal roles which include compounding and disbursing of medication, examining the safety and effectiveness of the medications and providing information on them. As a child, I was scared of being ill because I feared taking medicine, but I knew it was one of the most efficient way to recover from illness. At such a young age, I asked myself this question “How is it that by taking drugs, one’s body miraculously gets better?” From that point on, I became sheer curious and fascinated to know how drugs are designed and how they work in the body. The consistent healing I received from taking these drugs awakened my limitless passion for a career in pharmacy. Choosing to pursue such a versatile degree in pharmacy is a life changing decision for me because it opens door to vast opportunities and upon graduation I will go on to forge an extraordinary and phenomenal legacy of boosting patient care and becoming a ‘game changer’ in the pharmaceutical industry. I recognize the importance of doing what I have passion for especially when it comes to my career path and I cannot boast of anything more pleasurable and fulfilling than providing medications to potentially save the lives of the sick and ailing. I acknowledge that this career path I have chosen has its challenges, however with perseverance, enthusiasm, and hard work,…

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