Why People 's Aspirations Of Attending A Four Year University Change After Attending Community College

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One question has lived in the minds of many researchers for decades, “Why do kids not want to go to four-year universities after attending community college?” There is an article called “Fake It ‘til You Make It”: Why Community College Students’ Aspirations “Hold Steady,” written by Kelly Nielsen that focuses on people who come from low-income families and are also in the lower class of society and how their aspirations of attending a four-year university might change while attending a community college. The purpose of this research is to find out the reasons why people’s aspirations of attending a four-year university change after attending community college. Many personal colleagues attended community colleges and never ended up attending a four-year university for various reasons and wanted to see if there was a common trend as to why people never went on to a four-year university or if it is for personal reasons that vary from person to person. A large number of community college students aspire to obtain a bachelor’s degree, but relatively few attain them (Anderson 1981; Brand, Pfeffer, and Goldrick-Rab 2014; Goldrick-Rab 2010; Kane and Rouse 1999; Rouse 1995). To explain this discrepancy between aspirations and outcomes, scholars have drawn together, in varying degrees, four factors affecting student experience: (1) broad cultural frameworks of educational attainment, (2) political-economic structures, (3) institutional arrangements, and (4) interactions between…

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