Why My Team Worked Really Well Together But We Fell Through With Our Personal Tasks?

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Overall I think our team worked really well together but we fell through with our personal tasks. Something amazing happened in our group, we became friends! In the begging when our group met it was for mandatory reason, not to create a relationship between the members of our team. But as time went on we all started to become friends, I barley new any of the people on my team but now that we have laughed felt pressured and worked together towards a goal I feel that we have a connection. For example Parina was probably the coldest person in the group in the beginning trying to stay focused on our goal and not in enjoying the atmosphere created with our comedic group. But towards the end everything changed for our final meeting before handing in our project we met to go over the cohesiveness of our power point; in the end we did much more than fix a power point. Our power point was to say the least in shambles each person had used a different slide style and theme creating a laughably in cohesive set of 20 slides. I had proclaimed myself the slide master knowing how to use power point effectively I took it upon myself to reformat the slides. Realizing I was taking command of the situation in hopes of efficiency not team work. I asked my team and parina Answered she was a wiz with Power point and actually taught the rest of the team valuable power point actions. From that point on she realized her value and the amount we respected her. Once parina felt her value and she became…

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