Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized Essay

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Table of Contents I. Introduction to Cannabis II. The History of Marijuana III. The Prohibition IV. Economic Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana V. The Medical Benefits of Marijuana VI. Marijuana vs. Alcohol and Tobacco VII. Marijuana Stimulates Creativity and Brain Cell Growth VIII. Conclusion

Should marijuana be legalized for recreational and medical purposes?
Thesis: Since marijuana is not harshly dangerous to one’s health nor is it a hard narcotic, it should be legalized to promote a positive society.

I. Introduction to Cannabis
The legalization of marijuana would be a positive aspect in the American society. It has been scientifically proven that it isn’t truly a health risk, and is even less
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V. The Medical Benefits of Marijuana
The public has had very different views on the use of Marijuana for medical purposes. However, scientific evidence triumphs opinion in the medical field on any given day. It relieves pain, controls nausea and vomiting, and stimulates ones appetite. It is also 100% natural and grown in soil, contrary to harsh narcotics people use for pain such as morphine and other opioids. There is an endless list of diseases that marijuana can help ease the side effects of, including cancer treatment, AIDS, depression, sclerodoma, and many others. The sixty naturally occurring chemicals in marijuana all have individual medical uses. For example, cannabinol can help with insomnia, and cannabidiolic acid is a potent antiseptic that has been used on people suffering from herpes. VI. Marijuana vs. Alcohol and Tobacco
Tobacco and alcohol are two legal drugs in the United States. They both are the cause of death for millions of people each year, while marijuana has been proven to never have caused any deaths. Tobacco causes various types of cancer, and nicotine in tobacco is classified as a drug. Alcohol, also classified as a drug, can end in death or coma if you overdose; it impairs your body and mind, as well as your ability to drive and causes diseases after long term use. Marijuana does not cause any diseases yet it’s illegal while alcohol is available to the 21 and older public.
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